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Book Club discussion questions

Below are some discussion questions you may like to use to ignite conversation at your book club meet-ups. Whether it's a wine-and-cheese kind of gathering, peppermint-tea-and-biscuits, or an online chat group, these questions are sure to raise some important issues and keep your conversation flowing. 


  • Did any characters change significantly throughout the book? If so, in what way?


  • Which actions of the characters are forgivable, and which are not?


  • What would it be like, as a mother or father, to have a son like Lance? How would you handle this situation? 


  • Walking with the wounded- How do you think returned Vets are treated/ supported in Australia? How do you feel about the compensation program?


  • What role did the ‘professionals’ play in this story? 


  • Did the author create distinct and complex characters? 


  • Every adult with an addiction was once a child. How do you respond to this statement? What is your experience with people with addiction?


  • What is your experience with supporting someone with PTSD? 


  • How do the relationships between characters develop or change throughout the story?


  • Many of these characters are flawed. Which characters did you dislike or found frustrating and why?


  • Which character did you connect with the most, and why?


  • If you could ask any character a question, what would it be?


  • The past is revealed in small memories. How did you feel about the flashbacks? How do the characters’ pasts influence their actions and decisions in the story?


  • There are many “Elle’s” and “James’s” in the world. In what ways do you think this book gives a voice to these characters?

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