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Every adult with an addiction was a child in their past. What happened to James and Elle when they were children?

Based on a true story, James & Elle delicately reflects a deeply personal perspective of having—and walking alongside—a loved one with PTSD.


Two siblings are grappling with their past, uncovering hidden memories. But what happens when the past is hiding a demon in the cupboard?   
JAMES & ELLE will take you on an emotional journey. Follow brother and sister as they remember dark pieces of their childhood, and fumble their way through adulthood, searching for a place to belong.


As a lost and disillusioned young adult, James joins the Australian Army. A tragic accident occurs while he is serving in Afghanistan and he returns to the mainland as a mere shadow of himself. James's sister, Elle, tries to support him through the crippling PTSD and spiralling addictions.

Prepare yourself to experience a powerful insight into the impact PTSD has on the characters and their relationships. You can expect a deep dive into the dynamics of familial love, responsibility, and the challenges of supporting a family member in crisis. Casey Rae's compelling narrative will evoke empathy and understanding.

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Photo by Caitlyn Ward 


Casey lives on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. 

She is a mother of two wildflower children who remind her every day to jump in the ocean even when it is cold. Casey's life partner teaches her about plants, gardening and the complexity of soil (who would have known!).

Casey is passionate about good food, wellbeing and creating a better future for our young people. With fifteen years of experience working in education, she knows how important it is for people to have access to engaging literature that promotes deep thinking around mental health and relationships.

Casey is excited to share her provocative and emotional storytelling with the world. 


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Casey Rae, the woman, the mumma bear and the storyteller, has written a captivating account of a tragedy that is continuing to unfold. James and Elle, the story, which is smattered with very real and raw accounts of real life, I could not put this down. I found many moments of real emotion and the reminder that love and relationships are multifaceted and often times a reminder for us to challenge our shadows. To lay down the past and to move forward in wonder and awe of the possibilities.

I commend Casey and her strength and tenacity, which is evident in the pages of this book, without her even knowing or trying to be anything other than herself.

Jai Jai 

Counselling veterans and families

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